RebelForce Radio is proud to welcome “Fangirls Going Rogue” to our growing network of Star Wars programming! We sought out two of the most prolific female voices in fandom to bring you Star Wars conversation with a feminine touch. Join hosts Tricia Barr (Fangirl Blog) and Teresa Delgado (Jedi News) for their awesome first episode, “Fandom Engaged”, with special guest Catherine Taber (Padme from “The Clone Wars”)!  Then. come back every month as Tricia & Teresa bring you anything and everything that inspires their Star Wars fandom hearts.  Giving women a voice, but not just for girls, “Fangirls Going Rogue” is for all Star Wars fans!

It’s a fandom first brought to you by RFR…Finally, a Star Wars podcast hosted by only fangirls!

Find The Fangirls:

Twitter: @FGGoingRogue, @fangirlcantina (Tricia), @icecoldpenguin (Teresa)


Facebook: search for Fangirls Going Rogue


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Until next month – Yub Yub!